Remodeling & Construction

At hale Custom Construction we specialize in remodeling & restorations, but we are more then happy to work on your next custom building project too . We have years of experience with both residential and commercial projects 

Our trade partners and suppliers help us to provide best and most appropriate material for your up coming project. From custom-sawed locally grown hardwoods to match 175 year old floors, to window trim in a shower made from rot resistant cypress from the southern states, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide you with the best solution for your projects needs.

Choice of Materials

Hale Custom Construction never settles for what is available at the local big box store. We take the time to source the right materials for your project. 

Our dedication to quality starts with material selection and continues with craftsmanship. From time-tested methods like scribing trim, to an out-of-level floor, to newer pocket-hole joinery so the gaps on your door casing never open up (even with the change of seasons here in western Massachusetts), our commitment to quality never stops.